Organic Stem Cell Growth Factor Treatment

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Ability to provide specific products for a variety of medical devices utilizing stable, targeted, medical grade, human growth factor serums.
Our Treatment and Care (TAC)  COMPLEX is a one of a kind procedural growth factor serum that can be used appropriately with micro needling and laser treatments with NO fillers.

Skintrients uses a collaborative product solutions approach for our practice & partners.

82% Wrinkle Depth Reduction

Through the activation of collagen matrix which help reduce depth of expression wrinkles.

72% New Cell Turnover

The skin, being the largest organ in the body, is constantly in a state of renewing skin cells as the dead ones shed.  Used in conjunction with our particular way of doing micro-needling, you will receive a much greater return on stimulating cells.

Ablative & micro ablative laser procedures.
Chemical peels.
Scar reduction therapy and treatment.
Hair re-growth support.
Daily anti-aging support.


Skintrients is driven by a profound passion to use product formulations that deliver real dermatological benefits.
We are committed to delivering innovative skin treatment and care solutions to meet the dermatological needs of people throughout their lifetime while serving professionals in the global medical aesthetic market.

Our Treatment & Care (TAC) products are more cost effective, contain a higher grade and percentage of growth factors, thus resulting in higher rates of client satisfaction.

100% Clean Products

No parabens, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic colors.

80% Better Results

A measureable difference in post procedure outcomes when using our products and home devices.

Specialty products and innovation.
Collaborative partnerships in research and development.
Highest standards of ingredient selection.
Innovative processes that retain the ingredients, purity and strength.
Maximum stability and absorption of actives into the skin for better results.